Tuesday, December 26, 2006


here to report that by the end of the week the tutorial link will be updated, so visit us to see the new video about sewing on the heads and some new doll we are preparing ;D.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A leaving song

Yesterday we were at the airport to goodbye our friends :(. It's not that bad, they will only be gone for 3 months, the sad thing: we will miss them greatly, it's summer and we were supposed to be hanging out together.
I am actually very happy for them, its a great experience to work in a whole other country, and to be in Time Square for the new year is going to be amazing guys!, I am sorry I didn't give any of you a letter to read in the plane, I am just such a bad writer as you can notice :/.

Anyway, I was going threw a couple of reviews on the net about music and the new Incubus cd came across, I remembered Lito, that lucky bastard, I guess this is what we get to be such a pain in the ass last year with green day, right?, I will wait for your story about it, and you will have to explain in detail how beautiful Brandon Boyd and Brandon flowers are.

Seems this summer will be full of great memories and along with them we will have music, as always, I am anxious to hear what band will be remembered and will mark the summer you guys traveled to the USA, I am already smelling that summerish odor, wet grass and flowers that reminds me of Rosi, Liloooo! the beach won't be the same without you! Maru and Mari lack of that sunny disposition needed to enter the sea!!!.

Music! that was the point of this post. Incubus yes the new album, I don't know if its my imagination or is it that this band always comes out with a new cd in summer?, Incubus is a summer, beach band, I have many memories of incubus songs while walking on the sand or just lying under the sun with the headphones in mid volume giving the ocean a change to percolate the sound of the waves to mix with the music. Light grenades wont be any different, I will take it to the beach, and it will remain in my memory as one of the fav cd for the summer of 2007, it will remind me of my friends in new jersey and Pennsylvania, I know for sure one of them will remember this cd too and will relate it to this time in his life.

Band: Incubus
Album: Light grenade
Best song in my opinion:Love hurts


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