Thursday, March 30, 2006

More photoshop

haha, I arrive home and what do I find?....

What a rip off!!!!......and these ones...receiving their grammys :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Maru told me that Anne from de GDA forum was needing help with her doll's I have update the procedure section, now it has 3 vids explaining how to make it. I hope you can enlgish sucked, I didn't know what to say ...the worst teacher ever.

Monday, March 20, 2006

The Resurrection of Billito

Well after the disgrace.... this is what we had left of Billito, we took a photo with the "new Billie Joe look" ...because out of despair I took his hair out in a pathetic attempt to save his face ...useless of course.
I was so upset I took his head out and wash it over and over again...I shouldn't have done that, anyway, his face was completely ruined and so was my disposition to make a new face for the doll, I swore not to make another doll ever again...(i was really upset).
As I am insane and I like punishment and I am a masochist, I started to look at the pictures we took of the doll previous the disaster, and I found the cutest pics ......I didn't post the pics of Little King Billie, so now is the perfect time, this is in memory of my very first handmade doll:....he never had the time to make his King for a day performance ala chipmunk :(.....meh too much drama...anyway I did reconstruct a new head for him, but, is not the same doll, he is even cuter hahaha, and well he needs a hair cut, god, I have no time.....actually I have but I like to linger too much....blah blah....
Well, here is the new Billie, Billito Lazaro as we have named him....he is styling the Chaplin look with the hat we made for Trecito before he had his rad reddish hair....and, that's it.....Maru is still working on the face for Freddie and a Harry Potter one......with Daniel Raddclieff's face....

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Horror

Buaahhhh... yesterday while working on the computer, my dear Maru came up to me with a bowl of grapes.....well, my desk was a mess and there was no descent space to place the bowl, so she moved the dolls and put the bowl near little Billie's face.....a tragedy started, she took back the bowl and noticed that Billie's face was wet.....and oooh the horror, the black lines of one of his eyes were running!!!!!....yes...I forgot that I used a freaking water marker! and I didn't pass the acrylic paint over the black spot outlined with the marker!!!...... :( ---- and now it looks like his mascara is running off! hahahha....well!......freaking doll!...I new that I had to re made it from the very beginning .....

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Getting Crazy

Hehe, I like the photoshop Maru made that's all,

and ooh she also made a video about little Tre singing Food around the corner ala chipmunk. I had a few laughs with it. the lighting is horrible but if you wanna take a looksy to the thing here it is:

(is it taking too long to load? doubleclick on the center of the image)

And this is the picture selected to make Freddie's doll, (the face), we are still thinking about the outfit.......ideas here, we accept ideas.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Wardrobe

Dressing them up:

I have draw the basic outfit: pants and shirts, long and short sleeve, the dotted line is the guide for stitching, remeber that you must make a hem for the pants at the waist and also for the legs openings, also hems for the shirts on the sleeves and for the bottom of it.

To print: fit in a A4 sheet

The shirts:
I made a long sleeve shirt for Billie, a short sleeve for Tre and a sleeveless shirt for Mike, so, to start up the shirt, start by stitching the shoulders and then the sleeves just as explained on the procedure part on how to assemble the body. to close the shirts, just use velcro and glue it to the shirt that will be enough.

The pants:
This is extremly easy, just saw the sides and make the hems.

The belts:
I used cotton twill tape for Billie's belt and I attached it to the pants, for the studs you can either glue aluminum foil cutted into small squares, or use those metal aplliques which you can iron. same for Tre's belt, actually I made his belt of what I had left of cotton jersey I just glued it.

The shoes:
Join to pieces of fabric (you can make your own pattern drawing the feet of the boby pattern) stitch and that's all. Use cotton jersey, I made a little of crosstich embroider for Tre's shoes, and Billie's shoes are actually knitted, but to avoid too much work, just use remaining fabric you may have laying around.

The ties:
Also made of remaining fabric, glue it and shape it as a tie, at the end when you've finished your doll put it around their necks and make the knott just as a regular tie.


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