Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Here we will display the pics of your finished dolls :D! so go on, send us yours to show off !

This is Georgie's Billie and 80

(extra credit, she made the 80 doll all by helself >cute< )

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Again another post to let you know that we are still working, some of the links are now working properly, sorry for the mess :/



- Cotton Jersey: (for the body) or any type of fabric that seems like the fabric of which T-shirts are made of. (white is ok, but you will need to dye the fabric, I dyed the fabric of my dolls with coffee,actually I would not recommend this, since at some point you will have to wash the thingy and the color will wash away, so if you find fabric in a suitable color for the skin,like cream or light peach better yet.)

- Polyester Fiberfill: as needed, normally this is sold in kgs, is rather cheap, I bought 1/2kg and it was enough to stuff 5 dolls.

- Cloth and accesories: ok, here you can get creative, you can totally skip buying fabrics for the wardrobe, look around your closet and take your oldest skirts, tshirts, pants etc, besides, using old clothes gives them a vintage vibe.

-Wool yarn (hair): Billie's hair is babby rabbit wool is very soft, Tré and Mike's hair is a type of long plush, I still dont know what the name in english for it, so if someone can tel me the name would be very much apreciated, but to give you a hint, is the same material of which troll's hair are made of.

- Acrilyc paints or Fabric paints: to paint the faces, if you are by now getting all stressed about how are you going to paint the face, relaaaax, just send us an email telling us who do you want to make as a doll, we will send you the graphics :)

-Cardboard: to make the patterns

-Chalk: to draw your patterns into the fabrics

-Needle and thread.




Friday, August 18, 2006


Hey everyone!

As you can notice, we are reestructuring the blog, we are updating everything, we are still figuring out the freaking template code, and everything is out of place, some of the links aren't working yet, but stay around!, soon we will have a new and better blog for you crazy doll making freaks <3


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