Monday, July 05, 2010

The water coming in

4th of July yesterday. This was supposed to be the first year in which the 4th of July could actually mean something (as I am an English teacher and we get a day off) but it was ruined by the forces because it landed on a gloomy cold sunday.

Anyway we get some days off because Peru's independence day is on july 28th (but we get like 3 days off, so yay!)

Our winter is getting colder and colder, but that doesn't wane our will, and so we went off to the northern part of Lima and we head to Supe puerto, a very small fishing town, a little depressed but with good willing people.

I was just there to have a getaway sunday with my boyfriend who had to be there showing the town to an Hodurean resident who has a very nice idea for a workshop there.

We had a very nice day, and a little walk around the beach.

See the photos HERE


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