Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Trip to Argentina - a litlle blurb about The Killers and Travis

After a week of returning from Argentina I decided to write about it. Well the trip was great thank you! we have some anecdotes from it too. I wont be too blah about those, only that we saw someone get caught for smuggling drugs and that we eye witnessed some of the most stupid people working for an airline! PLEASE NEVER USE TACA, they have a terrible service!. I made this trip with a couple of friends we actually only travelled because we wanted to go to see The Killers live. The argument was: what is there to see in Buenos Aires, just another big city!!!, we were so naive!...It is actually a beautiful city with very kind and warm people...some of them don't actually make favor to their country ... (some taxi driver wanted to mugged us with some bills and some idiots with bad temper) but aside the regular assholes such as tenders and drivers people is really nice and warm. Anyway, Friday November 2nd the killers!..I awaited for that day like it was a crucial date...nah! nothing compared to October 8th 2005! (green day) anyway I was excited. We waited in line for about 6 hours. The sun was a killer but the guys who hanged with us made it a bit easier. Outside the common thought was...I came for the killers!!! only one out of ten said for Travis or Starsailor...I never before heard about starsailor anyway. I was so tired that I started to wonder " I am going to collapse or fall asleep while listening to Travis" ... Is not that I didn't like the band..but the music is kind of slow and I needed something to pump me up. Anyway, the show started, the performance from Starsailor was ok, they were cool and did a cover song of Umbrella ..which was funny because my friends were all like...this song is so cool!!! I noticed inmediately they didnt recognize what it was..until the chorus came and both of them turned to me and said: "Is that the Rhyanna song??" yup! it actually sounded decent to my disbelief. The guys did well, the singer was kind of wasted but he looked cute and childish so it was forgivable. Next band: Travis, here is when I start the dispute with my friends, after the show I started to bash The Killers and said that Travis completely stole the show!. why?, because the guys of Travis are nice and have interaction with the audience, there was a moment when the whole stadium started to sing a type of footballish chant to cheerch up the band and they looked so happy! Fran started to follow the song with his guitar and next thing we were all chanting accompanied with an improvised musical was fantastic!..even the entrance was of my friends told me that the presentation was lame, because they didnt have a back banner or any type of garnish on stage on the contrary to The Killers which made a little moulin rouge up there, but the difference was immense, while Brandon Flowers just sings and dances like an epileptic, Fran Healy is receptive to his audience and makes contact with them. Dougie was such a nice flirt he looked all over the first row just smilling and winking like a bitch hahah, Brandon looked at us and when he caught sight with someone he turned out like he was embarrassed or something...there was just no feeling whatsoever! I was kind of disappointed of his performance, I walked out of the Velez stadium turned into a Travis fan! really! up to now I only knew they existed and I was really unaware of their music, thanks to the Killers I know a great live band! another one second to green day ofcourse which impressed me very much.


Freaky Stalker said...

woah. I would've never thought you would come from BsAs as a Travis fan! I can believe it though...most people become fans of a band after seeing them live. It's just that...some of them put more heart and soul in their performances than in their CDs, and that's cool. You can see they care a whole lot for their fans and they want to feel you closer, whether putting a kick ass show or making it "intimate"..and for me, those are the artists that count! The one who life for their fans!

I don't like Travis that much, but I bet that if I had seen them live, I would've become a fan just like that!

but...I had become a Gogol Bordello fan xD you came with water and I welcomed you back with vodka!

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