Tuesday, June 22, 2010

La linda, el POD...etc

It's been so long since I've made my last post here. Many things have changed in these 3 years (I can't believe it's been so long!) To begin with we haven't made a doll since Sara's Frankie, The Stalker finished college and now is a respectable media manager, I again changed lanes in my career and now I am an English teacher (with my terrible grammar and all, hehe I am learning more English than ever in this process) , I no longer use the bus to go home from work, now I have a car! I met the nicest guy ever to whom I am very in love with. But some things will never change and that is my deep love for music and my impulsive willingness to create, learn and amuse myself with new things.

In these three years I have been crafting a new hobby: Photography. It all started with those pictures I posted when I first got my Pentax K10D, that piece of wires and metal had brought me so many things! I didn't thought about it before, but if I hadn't gotten that camera I would've never gotten so deep into the rock music scene in Peru, I wouldn't have worked for a music magazine and I probably wouldn't have met my boyfriend (well, that who knows, those things are meant to be).

Anyhow, years passed us by and we are no longer the same, although many things remains. I wanted to start a new blog about photography and a new blog about English teaching for toddlers (actually I am thinking about doing so for the later idea) but somehow I always manage to prevent myself of doing so, and reminding myself to continue with this one. The thing is that I no longer make dolls nor I bake (that was random), because I don't have much free time. Instead I have devoted myself to photography, not less time consuming, but at least it's something you can do on the go.

So I decided to maintain this blog. Whoever stumbles upon here and likes the dolls, is more than welcome to use the tutorial, and mail me for patterns and tips, or maybe ideas. But I won't be posting crafts related to dolls anytime soon. Let's avoid NEVER, because it's something I truly enjoy and the minute I have time to spare I will definitely go back to doll making.
For the mean time I will use this blog to post photos and other stuff. It will be more like a journal if you wish to call it someway.

I leave you with some of my photos, enjoy!

Kamilo Riveros


Bailando ska

I can see the sound

Fat Mike chupandose el micro

crossing the river




L`angolo Blu said...

Very, very nice pics Lopa...Go on, you are in the right way. Like you, i want to make another Blog, but this time of movies that i like most. Congrats for the car, its a new life.
I look your photos and thats true, they bring you the happiness you have now...some things are meant to be...Enjoy!!!

王瑞 said...


韻玉 said...



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