Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gerard Way Doll :P

Hey everyone!
I know I should have done my Sparrow doll!, I am really sorry Mari :( but as you already know I didn't receive any help with the pattern and you can blame Maru for that, she decided to make a pattern for the face of Gerard Way, and I already had a body stuffed (that sounded weird :/) anyway, we got too excited with the gayrard doll and we succeed with the black parade, here is a picture of him.

next doll: Ray Toro
time of delivery: who knows! I am still working on that jack sparrow.

the patterns for the face are available on know what to do :D Clicky

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Green Day dolls



the day I put him hair I was being a lazy bitch, I swear I didn't even try a bit.

For the record

Maru is the one responsible for this

Feito has been the only doll to leave out Lima city, he is the adventurous one along with Chucky

the road is cold
Feito wrapped up as a typical peruvian wawa

A really bad horse rider

Doing what? at the train road to Macchu Picchu


I thought he would look good with yarn hair, but no :(

I tried to hide his hair under a bandanna very Mike Dirntnish

And then I used the long plush, a la 80's hair spry band

Trying to cut his hair
with a descent haircut :D


Ready to smack bottoms
why the hat?, he had no hair

First hair attempt, unfortunately we realized he looked like Boy George and not like Tre Cool

Simulating hair with photoshop

Trecito and his beautiful red hair :D

Billito Lazarus

After the accident, damned water, after this we start using acrylics to paint the face, this happened because I used a water marker! stupid me.

Billito Lazarus
the resurection of the doll: it came out pretty much alike the first one, we decided to leave him with long hair.

Ready to go out

The Gallery

The first doll we made

Billito Lazarus
The resurection of Billito after a tragic accident

Tre cool doll, weird and funny

Mike Dirnt doll with a couple of hair styles

Green Day Dolls
group pics

Frank Iero doll, dont pay much attention to the hair :/

Gerard Way doll, its all about the outfit


Billito the first
our first doll without a haircut.

Billito with a haircut

ing for a Day

Billie Joe Holding Billito
(it's only photoshop but I like it)


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